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radio shack switching power supply 15 amp A 500ma 12 volt 6 watt regulated switch mode power supply suitable for many 12 volt appliances requiring a DC input of 0. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. 46 $ 15 . It accepts 110V 60Hz AC from a wall socket and outputs 9V DC at 100mA to the amplifier. This teardown is not a repair guide. * Large AC adapter - 10 to 100 ohms. relay, connected to these terminals, will close when the Alarm Center activates. power supply. I was looking at 12v car battery maintainers but they don't have the 12-2018. The TYT TH-1380 is a 30A switching power supply with two digital LCD meters that lets you turn your TYT or other mobile two way radio into a base station. 484 Kbytes: AMP Supply LK-500Z Manual. Each of the schematic is very simple to construct and will function without problems if you respect the maximum power supply ratings. The common form of the power supply is the familiar direct-current power supply, which will power a transmitter, receiver, or other of a wide variety of electronic devices. Cordless Telephone, Telephone user manuals, operating guides & specifications Addeddate 2016-12-01 18:26:31 Collection manuals additional_collections texts Creator Radio Shack Identifier manuals_radioshack Mediatype collection Publicdate A wide-ranging collection of Radio Shack materials and support documents from the now-defunct RADIO SHACK Support site. With a Y-adapter, I can even supply power to both my KX3 and PX3, though I really wish it had more current. The control of the power supply transistors is the same although of the opposite polarity. F interference that switch modes give. zip: 4. I need to get the transformer hole spacing dimensions before i start to build the chassis. zip: 1. The ultimate in musical tone and smooth overdrive, the STR delivers the sound that established Tung-Sol as the benchmark of quality. 8 Volt 25 Amp Power Supply. Sep 13, 2007 · If this is a modern 9 volt dc switching power supply, it produces 9 volts plus or minus about 1% no matter what. This best ham radio power supply is the Pyramid Bench. Jul 02, 2008 · Sold at: RadioShack stores nationwide from October 2004 through January 2008 for between $50 and $85. We now have a working inventory of over 7,800 different radio tubes, amplifier tubes, and industrial vacuum tubes in stock. The radio shack boards were about 6" by 6". 1VDC. Drake L-7 . Specifications: 25 amp continuous, 28 amp surge Switching type power supply SKU: FP-1023A Yaesu. Top Ten Devices, Inc – Data decoders and antenna switching; Toroid King – over 25,000 Toroids In Stock Feb 13, 2010 · Radio shack 25 amp power supply: Steve H. It is amps x hours. 75 x 14. • 40 Amp Continuous Rating, 100% Duty Cycle • Variable Voltage Control 5-15 VDC • Voltage Review Summary For : Radio Shack Switching 13. 5K ¼ Watt Resistor (optional, tie pins 6 & 5 of IC1 together if not used. Machined metal front For example, the Icom IC-7000 has a 5 amp (system) fuse mounted inside the radio, and 30 amp fuses in the cabling (both plus and minus leads). 8 Vdc output. For the -12/15 volt supply, we use a second op amp connected as a summing amplifier. If you want a 5 volt power supply, just simply replace the LM7812 to a LM7805 regulator. Radio Shack Switching 12 Volt Power Supply 22-507 3 Amp 13. Dc Power Supply Unit (psu),12v/13. The capacitor, C1, is a 0. -4- Apr 26, 2017 · Thanks so much!!! Yes . 522 Kbytes: AMP Supply LA-1000 Manual. The first time it did it was with a mag mount antenna I was building which had high swr (I was checking swr to trim). Mountable for permanent installations. 8V and 30 amp DC, it’s good enough to power all types of HAM radios out there. The voltage drop-out and cut The excitation. zip: 724 Kbytes: AMP Supply LK-400 500 Owners manual. v=ir, so solving for r gives 5 ohms because v=15 and i=3. First power supply circuit is built with BD139, one zener diode and a few passive components. The "LITE" position of the function switch checks the 15 V battery supply. 7 amps CCS with a 133 MFD 8100 volt bank of computer grade caps inside a Bud cabinet. The power supply is wired for 240 VAC (200-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 15 amperes), but can be rewired for 120 VAC operation for lighter duty operation. 8 volts when the car is running, and somewhere slightly above 12v when the car is not running and there is Jun 10, 2009 · This resistor is not part of radio Shack's inventory, therefore it may be required to solder two 1k ohm, 10 watt resistors in parallel. Due to the current and voltage requirements, more components were stuck around the regulator for support. 5 lbs. There is a micro-switch interlock on the top cover that when the cover is removed you cannot start the HV power supply. 2 MB PDF Scanned by Dave Childs, cleaned up by Bob WA1MIK Radio Shack 22-191 Digital Volt Meter schematic only 50 kB PDF This is the manuals page for Radio Shack. A forum for the discussion of all Radio Shack scanning radios and receivers. The power supply converts standard 120V AC household power to 13. I am using array solutions switching relay boxes for amps , antennas, tuners etc. Samlex. Aircraft - Electric - Batteries & Chargers (FS/W) 5: Oct 19, 2009 07:18 PM: Sold: Radio Shack 25 amp 13. 73 Mike W5RKL Feb 18, 2020 · Best HAM Radio Power Supply. (This transceiver does not have general coverage receive). Jameco has been in business for over 45 years and carries over 30,000 semiconductors, passives, interconnects, electromechanical, power supplies, LEDs and other popular electronic components. lei. I used it to power an Icom IC-745 running 50 watts in CW. MFJ. If not, take the ampli- fier to your local RadioShack store for assistance. Radio Shack Switching 12 volt Power Supply 22-507 3 Amp 13. This failure will put the power supply's reservoir voltage, nearly 24 volts, on the output terminals - not a good thing for devices The EA4TX AS2x2 Antenna Switch is designed to exchange two antennas between two radios. 4 out of 5 stars 1,741 $12. 00. Sent first working day after payment. Electronics Division web-site. From full-sized CB radios that mount to your dashboard to portable miniature versions, with the latest CB radio equipment you can talk to your buddies and stay safe on the road. Input 230 volts / 50 Hz / output 19 volts / 60 watts AC voltage or 15 volts / 50 watts DC voltage (can be switched with a slider switch). The rest of the radio runs from the 15 Volt battery supply. Jan 27, 2018 · I was given a Goldsource PS-107 with a wonky power switch. Loads can be connected to either the rear binding posts or the front Powerpole connectors. plus 43 lbs for the power supply In any event, the optional circuit in Figure 2 will give you that extra peace of mind when a very expensive radio is used with the power supply. fl. If you short out a supply connection (pin 3 of the tuner port), a circuit board trace and/or switching transistor will fail long before the 5 amp fuse opens. Easy to use 8 position power distribution block for 15/30/45A Powerpole connectors. Threads 15. hsd1. 95 (4) RD Power 1KW-12: 5: 2018-05-02: 175. 125 in. Looking at the back of the WR-15 (below), it appears it requires 12 volts DC, 1. MegaWatt. The circuit in Figure 2 senses when the voltage exceeds 15 volts and causes the zener diode to conduct. With a large LCD display is possible to have a great deal of information If the 12V power supply is similarly grounded (as it should be) to the mains safety ground, audio-rate modulation of the 12V supply can be coupled back into the mic input shield. Capacitor C6 allows the amplifier to be used with a single-ended power supply (+12V and GND). The TekPower TP30SWII is another highly rated power supply for HAM radios on the market. Weighs 3 times less than the choke type power supply. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. The PRC-77 is an all solid state radio and only needs a 15 Volt battery. The radio is always turned off in the reverse order with a minimum 15 second delay between opening the short of the remote boot connector and disconnecting power to the radio. Compact switching power supply, 18 amps, 15 continuous 6 lb SS-25 25 amps, 20 continuous, 13. Radioshack $5 $7 28% OFF. Anderson Powerpole ® Connectors, Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Wire & Cable, Mobile Timers, Blue Sea Systems & more!. Therefore if you plan to xmit 20% time on HF: 20 amps x 0. The perfboard will go on both sides of the transformer. Unless you’re a licensed electrician, chances are most of your electrical encounters around the home will focus around testing, replacing and preventing -- testing to ensure electrical equipment and connections are working properly, replacing worn or outdated electrical accessories (outlets, surge protectors and cords), and preventing your home from electrical Lets say that the Radio, Linear Amp and TNC add up to about 7 amps. 8 Vdc into the red RCA jack, or from a transceiver 13. 8 VDC - Previously owned 4 out of 5 stars 11 product ratings 11 product ratings - Radio Shack 22-504 Regulated Power Supply 3 AMP 13. 467 Kbytes: AMP Supply LK-500NT Manual. 8VDC, Overload Indicator, DC Power Socket Sep 03, 2020 · Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies are an affordable switching power supply that packs a lot of features including Anderson Powerpole® connectors. They can also be used with a single ended supply (no negative voltage) in head units and other such equipment that have no switching power supply. 5 amp or lower. 14VDC power supplies (100 amps total) Drake NM-2700 . Organizing an effective grounding system in the ham shack requires the ham radio operator to address the two major aspects of grounding. Leviton Decora 15 Amp 3-Way AC Quiet Rocker Switch, White (160) California Supply Aug 18, 2014 · Typically, switching power supplies sound like a "buzz" every 30-60 kHz - the power supply's switching frequency - up and down the bands, usually worse on lower bands, but not always. 45 $33. 67 AH. page, you will see that the radio consumes 15A at high power so a 30A power supply is more than enough. When the standard BP-272 Li-ion battery pack is used, operation at the maximum output power of 5 W is possible. 00 $5. If you have something that pulls 20 amps, and you use it for 20 minutes, then the amp-hours used would be 20 (amps) x . 1 Ohm 10 Watt Resistor (Tech America 900-1002) Kenwood KPS-15 K 13. 8 VDC 25 Amps DISCONTINUED: Jetstream: JTPS28M 9-15 VDC 25 Amps : Kaito: AD500 6 VDC : AD800 USB Power Supply: Kenwood: KPS-15 Variable 3 - 24 Volt / 3 Amp Power Supply; Variable Voltage and Current Power Supply; Lithium Ion Battery Charger using a 555 Timer, LM339 and TL431; Lithium Ion Battery Charger Using a TL431 And Single Transistor; 2 watt switching power supply; Low Power DC to DC Converter; Constant Current Battery Charger; 120VAC Lamp Chaser Using Solid State The Jameco Difference. Power Supply: Radio Shack 25Amp Power Supply Astro 120 13. The Powerwerx Switching Power Supply Model SS-30DV is designed to supply 25 Amps continuous and 30 Amps surge (up to 5 minutes) at 14. Motorola. To order a schematic, enter the make and model of your schematic and click the Add to Cart button. Availability: Out of stock $79. zip: 221 Kbytes: Amroh 708 The Henry Radio 5K Classic amplifier has continuous coverage from 80 thru 10 meters using a pair of Eimac 3CX1200A7s in grounded grid. (1) 2N3904 or 2N4124 NPN silicon transistor. This power supply will be a welcome addition to your shack and will greatly enhance your knowledge of power supplies. The power supply components and blower are located in the lower part of the pedestal. An internal very high quality, fully shielded, modular switching power supply is also used for enhanced performance and reliability. 99 This is the manuals page for Radio Shack. But I can't find a power supply for it. New and used surplus equipment in Consumer Electronics > Radio Communication > Parts & Accessories > Power Supplies Here's a quick review and taking a look at what's inside this Radio Shack 250 watt Electronics utility testing power supply model 22-508B . Capacitor, electrolytic, 100µF 35V 20%, radial lead, C4 from RadioShack. I can show you radio and amp working at full power at my QTH. 9 volts and everything seems to work fine. The analog dial provides ±2 kHz accuracy. The most-trusted names in amateur radio are here at DX Engineering —and so is the perfect DC power solution for your station’s needs. Power Supply 25A Peak / 23A Continuous Switching Power Supply 110V, 13. This kit includes the power supply cover, short DC power supply connecting adapter cable and handle. The battery is rated at 1. Comes with 12V power supply and an RF remote control to switch the relays on or off manually in the shack or around the house. It has both an ammeter and a voltmeter. Installation is easy - simply plug the foot switch into a grounded outlet, then plug the machine into the foot switch. Radio Shack sells a package of 15 NPN transistors that will perform well here, and provide transistors for experimental circuits as well. 5 Amp load, then add a second one in parallel to the the first for 5 Amp load if the 12 Volt line still reads low. 9) Radio Shack, Micronta cat #22-120. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RadioShack Switching Power Supply 15 Amp 13. Alternatively, you can browse our library of schematics online to find the schematic you're looking for. Save money. 3 ampere-hour (Ah) and the total amplifier draw is about 400 mA, so we can expect some hours of playback between charges. . Sep 05, 2014 · Power Supply: 12AU7 (ECC82) / IRF510 Headphone Amp. Huge drop in RF noise! Nov 24, 2019 · An automobile cigarette lighter socket, which is available at Radio Shack, makes a convenient 12 volt power point to wire the DC converter output to. The concern with the quality of such typical switch mode power supplies is that the cheaper built ones often have many RF harmonics. Drake Speaker Drake LN-4 filter Drake Low Pass Filter EV Wireless receiver M2 wanted to make their new VHF amplifier light and small, and they did! Including an integrated 2400 watt switching power supply, these amps are only 20. 55 v, however anything 50-50 or 1/3 will do (3. Of course, the replacement was 1mm too large for the This is a switched mode power pack for connections to and supplying power to the 60216, 60226 Central Station as well as the 60213-60215 Central Station and the 60175 and 60174 Boosters. Power Supply: 15. 5 volt dc power supply available at Jameco Electronics. Radios; Amp Supply; CB Radio; Central An amp-hour is one amp for one hour, or 10 amps for 1/10 of an hour and so forth. Continuous duty is 4,000 vdc @ 800 mA. 8VDC. This buzz is usually modulated at twice the power line frequency. * VCR - 15 to 30 ohms. 4 W (unknown quality) from Radiomuseum. Dazzle Memory Card reader. Excellent results are possible in virtually eliminating the interference by replacing the AC connector on the back of the power supply with an integrated AC connector and RFI filter such as The power supply has a rating of 5000 Volts at 1. The top of the case must be removed to change band modules. 27 dB which will result in 86w being dissipated in the coax when the amp runs at 1400w). atomic projection clock 63-100 manual Understated comment of the thread! I recently switched (heh) from a switching power supply like op has for themselves there in the left (converted PC supply) to an Astron RS-35. For some, however, having a back-up power supply for the ham shack is important. net May 20, 2015 · If I owned the WR-15, I would simply replace the switching type power supply with a regulated power supply. Jun 25, 2020 · Alinco 30 Amp DM-430 Digital Power Supply: This ultra-compact, advanced switching power supply features Anderson Powerpole connectors, +5 to 15 Vdc variable output, and delivery of up to 30A peak power. 2 x 27. Switching Regulator LM2575T-ADJ LM2575 step down switching regulator circuit and efficiency data table. RBC-9REL 120 VOLT 8 OUTLET POWER STRIP $179. Paragon Parts; Vertex Standard Hand Held; Watkins-Johnson. A two-step design allows you to press once to turn the switch on and again to turn the switch Power type and voltage: Alternating Current supply (AC) / 220-240 Volt : Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s). 1" is perfect. The recommended supply voltage for full power output is 12 to 14 V, although the KX2 will reach a full 10 watts on most bands using the KXBT2 (11 V). 22 220uF 250v 100uF 450v 140-XRL450V100 1. $1300 picked up in Ocoee, FL 34761 or can meet within reasonable We’ve got the electronic kit or assembled circuit you need for your project! Solve a problem, practice skills, or do experiments. 0 x 10. Radioshack $15 $29 48% OFF. Rated at 45A. Page 21: Care Amptek 2 meter amp, 15 in 160amps out Amertron ADP-102 Amp Pulser Astron RS-15 Power Supply Astron RS-20M Power Supply Astron RS-35A power Supply Bird 20 watt dummy load w/meter #301 Collins TCS-5 Transmitter, and TCS-12 Receiver (no power supplies) Lots of used mics. 1. 5*2. TekPower TP30SWII. Its measured output is 13. Find the user manual you need for your audio device and more at ManualsOnline. stabilized power £156. 59 ea. 00 Page 2 22-504. Radio Shack 25 Amp 13. 98 ea or Radio Shack 276-1171 $1. Mar 03, 2016 · The RadioShack 22-510 Switching Power Supply provides AC to DC conversion to mimic a car’s electrical system. Radio Shack Fiber Optic Signal Amplifier Toslink connectors, P/N: 15-1588 Maximize digital audio signals for long distance cable runs with this fiber optic signal amplifier toslink connector! It can boost signals by up to 4. 8 volt 25 amp switching: LcJ Jun 15, 2016 · The base plate for the 3CX1500A7 power supply is a piece of sheet steel 1/4 inch thick and 17" X 17". Like the Bias supply and 12V and 26V PS components. The linear can be switched ON / OFF also switching ON / OFF the exciter. Continous input between 190 – 255 Vac, 47-63 Hz. HF antenna tuners One Tucker T-300. They are an ultra-compact, lightweight design that supports 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 30A peak power to 2-Way Radio communication products Find Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies DM-30E and get Free Standard Shipping on orders None of the power supply connections are shown. 95 (Inc VAT at 20%) Add To Cart View Details Wishlist So if you want a power supply that can be adjusted from 1. Radios; RCA Items; Rohde & Schwarz; Scientific Radio Systems ; Signal One CX-7; Swan Items. It is powered with a shack power supply of 13. Astron RS-35M. Listing #1513537 - Submitted on 11/10/20 by Callsign N4XJQ - IP: c-73-156-166-139. You can use virtually any type of rectifier or switching diode (i. 99 £ 13 . The vehicle power supply is independent of the power company, and as long as there is gas in the tank, reliable over a number of days. Shop for 9V DC Power Supply at Walmart. Overview OVERVIEW At Ele May 21, 2020 · With a smart Power Delivery cable, I can support a whole collection of 12v QRP radios with the same board setting (12v, 2. Dec 31, 2017 · 10 Amp 13. Molex is a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect components. 1: 2018-03-31: 39. This current capacity is pretty high, but your radio equipment will always just draw the current it needs. Leviton Decora Plus 15 Amp Switch, White (343) Model# R52-05691-2WS $ 6 97. fm Page 20 Friday, May 12, 2000 12:46 PM ˆ Troubleshooting We do not expect you to have any problems with your RadioShack High Power 4/3/2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier, but if you do have a problem, this chart might help. Supplied with a 2. 'Sometimes' this wire is directly connected to chassis ground but many times, it's connected via a capacitor or via a resistor and capacitor in parallel. 333 hours = 6. Radio /hack A Division of Tandy Corporation Fort Worth, TX 76103 FHifT'ED U IJ . 95, however it was dropped from their line a number of years ago). Powerwerx offers communications and DC power products including Anderson Power Products, fuse blocks, USB mobile chargers, auto-off mobile timers, desktop power supplies, DC circuit breakers, stranded hookup wire, welding cable and panel mount products. 8 Volts at 30 Amps with an AC input of 120 Volts, 60 Hz (230 Volts, 50 Hz possible by internal jumper setting). Or build your DC emergency power system from our selection of high-quality batteries and accessories. Excellent shape very clean. 8 volt Power Supply $50 Switching Power Supply 15V 10A $35 Welcome to the Vacuum Tubes division of Radio Electric Supply, home of the largest supply of New Old Stock vacuum tubes in the world. HF RF amplifier. 28 AMP SURGE, 25 AMP CONT POWER SUPPLY SWITCHING. Bar Expenses - Native app AMP Supply AT-1200 Manual and schematic. 2K. 25 inches 27 lbs. Max. 8 volt DC, 23 Amp Switching Power Supply in Excellent Condition. 7 x 6. 8 out of 5 stars, based on 40 reviews 40 ratings Current Price $15. 8 VDC at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! RadioShack 250VAC 4P SPST ON-OFF Illuminated Push Button Switch, 1. . 8V 10 amp own design 13. May 28, 2008 · Yes. ADTRAN 15; Ultra Products Radio Shack Portable AC-to Alarm Relay Contact Switching: An internal N. 117 AC & 117 XC Power Supply Modules; Squires-Sanders Items; Technical Materials Corp; TenTec Items. 99 +$15. MFJ's MightyLites are so light and small you can carry them in the palm of your hand! Take them with you anywhere. It needs a 12-14 volt and 8-15 amp power supply. 5 dB, has a maximum input cable length of 16 feet and a maximum output cable length of 65 feet! Order today! The common form of the power supply is the familiar direct-current power supply, which will power a transmitter, receiver, or other of a wide variety of electronic devices. No. (1) NPN silicon power transistor. Often a topic of discussion among hams, power supplies are required by almost every type of consumer and Amateur electronic device you’ll likely encounter in a home or shack. Thick copper bus bar construction. 22 uf, 400v 75-715P400V0. 50 SPST 125VAC Illuminated Switch $6. 500 inches (181 x 241 x 343 mm), the 2M-1K2 is incredible package that easily fits in your shack. Datasheet for LM78XX If you are going to pull out about 1 amp from this power supply, you will need a heatsink for the regulator, otherwise it will generate very high temperatures and possibly burn out POWERSUP - Astron SRM 25M Asteron 20 amp power supply Twin meters $75 shipped SK estate shack clearing. This relay can be used as aswitch to turn on a device (rated 1 Amp at 24V DC or 5 0 m A at 130V DC) that has its own power supply. Showing Product Types 1 - 50 of 146 Vintage 2. 8 x 10. S. Fully remotable. 5 Volts / 10 Ohms = 0. 45 3. In short order, the power switch fell apart, so I ordered a replacement from Amazon. Oct 03, 2020 · The pre-amp has been upgraded several times and along with it the power supply, originally it had 4 small capacitors each 1000 uf then they were replaced with 1,000uf x 100v and the toroid was replaced with a 600va x 71/0/71…every thing worked well for 8 years until last weekend until I decided to upgrade the capacitors to 6,800uf each (two Dec 08, 2012 · A switching power supply is really a powerful oscillator with the voltage being transferred to the load with a small transformer - the size reduction compared to the old-style "wall warts" being permitted because the power supply operates at a frequency much higher than that of the line voltage's 60 (or 50) Hz, and at several 10's of KHz power supply can be used, too. 8K (American Electric Power) -- migration Home / Keyword: 1. Laptop power supply. tw Model 138101 -NOT- Samlex. 0 inches 10. Oct 07, 2018 · Forrest mims engineer's mini-notebook op amp ic circuits (radio shack electronics)(1) text 1. Switching Power Supply Cat. With ARB-704 Amp to radio interface box and interface cable to radio. Radio Shack; Realistic . For example, the Icom IC-7000 has a 5 amp (system) fuse mounted inside the radio, and 30 amp fuses in the cabling (both plus and minus leads). out of their Austin, TX headquarters. 6VDC 30 amp continuous with a surge to 35 amps supply would easily support the radio. Normally the output of the IC is set at 1/2 of the power supply voltage which can't be directly connected to the speaker without burning it and/or the IC out. Here are our HAM radio power supply reviews. Innovative design allows each position to use a retention clip for secure operation and any position may be used as a DC input or output connection. Loads can be connected to either the rear binding posts or the front Powerpole ® connectors. O. Mar 18, 2020 · This significantly improves amplifier stability, distortion, and efficiency. This easy-to-operate foot switch allows you to operate table routers, scroll saws, drill presses, lathes and rotary tools hands-free. Parts List. Powering additional 12VDC devices from the same supply at the same time the radio is in use will put additional current demands on the power supply. The power supply is capable of 4,000 vdc @ 1. 5. For a permanent installation, such as a seat floatation pump, the DC converter can be wired directly to the pump, bringing out the orange control wire to a switch if desired. 5,216: 30,330: Aftermarket Software. Radio Shack Clock 63-144. fm Page 2 Friday, August 6, 1999 12:52 PM FEATURES Your RadioShack Regulated 3-Amp DC Power Supply is designed to power equipment that requires 12V DC automotive power. Henry 2K4 HF RF. $ 34. Ham Radio Shack Tour 2019 WD0AKX - Duration: Ham Radio - QJE switching Brennenstuhl 1174300709 Burning chair power station with light, 3 meter H05VV-F 3G1,5 including energy saving light. Live better. This time, however, we are summing the outputs of the two power supplies and forcing the sum to be zero volts. The two filaments are pinned 4 to 9 and 9 to 5, with pin 9 as a center tap. A safer system Thank you for visiting Alinco, Inc. 99 Dec 31, 2016 · Thanks for all of your comments and help on this power supply problem in a previous video! Just wanted to update you. Has Noise Blanker and VOX. This failure will put the power supply's reservoir voltage, nearly 24 volts, on the output terminals - not a good thing for devices Nov 18, 2014 · So im just getting into Ham Radio and I plan on buying a TH-9800 and I found every thing else to go with this radio (antenna and cables). comcast. Don't buy the biggest supply you can afford. It is Feb 18, 2020 · Best HAM Radio Power Supply. 8V HAM Radio CB Power Supply 10-15. Radio Shack Signal Amplifier. zip: 2. 8vdc: Used. HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs! Many of the new computers are omitting the RFI filter in the power supply that keeps the garbage from the switching mode supply from entering the AC mains. The power supply cabinet and the 3CX3000F7 RF Deck cabinet are connected by Scotch 25 Electrical Grounding Braid which also connects to the common point station ground. Radio Shack Universal Remote 15-302. +5V Power Supply. The amp on / off switch breaks the amp keying line, The array solutions also interfaces to this circuit with the SWR trip out when high swr is encountered. 1 x 5. "i 0 "40Z93MD537 Engineer's Mini-Notebook 2. Radioshack A/B Data Switch. where can I find the manual for #63-144 atomic clo. The power supply is housed in a separate enclosure. 45A Switching Power Supply with Meters MFJ's new MFJ-4245MV Adjustable Voltage Switching Power Supply does it all! Power your HF or 2M/440 MHz radio and accessories. About Lighting & Electrical. Powerwerx 30 Amp Desktop Switching Power Supply with Powerpoles This small regulated switching power supply features 2 Powerpole outputs in front and 1/4" binding posts in rear. move up to the heftier SEC-1235M switching power supply for use in my shack. 8 Volt 25 Amp Switching Supply Made by Leader Electronics Inc. Mar 06, 2018 · Capacitor for heater filament power supply not included - anything 1000ud or above should work OK It is possible to build this amp with parts from Antique Electronic Supply, Digikey, and Radio Shack only. Discuss any 3rd party software that does not come pre-installed on the BlackBerry. You cannot build an amplifier like this without due regard to the High Voltage and the needed safety measures. amplifier floor stand a simple voltage divider will work for turning this power supply on. dk . As a result, this op amp will constantly cause the -12/15 Whether you are looking to power a small 2-amp radio or a 60-amp electronic device, we have a large selection of CB radio power supplies, HAM radio power supplies, and AC to 12V DC converters available for you. red97k1500 Well-Known Member Radio Shack Switching 13. 12v 6A 7A peak Ham Radio, CB, Bench, Linear Power Supply with a proper transformer inside so no R. Output Power 10 W (13. C. atomic projection clock 63-100 manual Many times, a switching power supply (or amp with a switching power supply) will have a ground wire that connects from the heatsink to the circuit board. 273-1652 2731652 Power Supply Cord Cable Battery Wall Charger $19. Three MFJ 989C . 4 x 25. 6 lbs/7. e. (9. 42K 261-42K 273-220 47uf 450 volt 273-200. Radio Shack 15 312 AV two input switch, back view, showing the three RCA jacks per input (two audio and one NTSC video), and one set for the output. 5A (4-Pack) $6. The most economical way to supply power to that charger or any other electrical equipment during a power outage for your ham radio station or your home is to use a portable generator of the appropriate wattage for your needs (at least 4000 Watts for starters) and run extension cords into the shack or home to power your equipment. 3 volts to pins 4 and 5 with pin 9 used for common (negative), or 6. Both radio and amp have little use. www. teespring. 8 Vdc switching power supply An external 50-volt 50-ampere regulated power supply powers the ALS-1306. 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N400x or Radio Shack part #s 276-1101, 276-1102, 276-1103, 276-1104). The MBXCOVR is a radio cover enclosure that mounts to the Powerwerx SS-30DV power supply when using the DB-750X radio in a base station configuration. The 5 volt power supply also uses a 723 regulator. DM- 30T 9-15 VDC 20 Amps: DM-330MVT 5-15 VDC 30 Amps: DM-430T 5-15 VDC 30 Amps: Astron: Fixed and Variable Cabinet Power Supplies: Fixed Rack Mounted Power Supplies: Icom: PS-125 13. 5 volt dc power supply. 8v/15a/180w Watt For Ham/cb Radio/base Station Jan 25, 2012 · Power requirements are 115 VAC 50-60 Hz 30 amps or 230 VAC 50-60 Hz 15 amps. Has a terminal strip where the AC voltage can be 120 or 240 50/60 Hz. Registered owners of the recalled power supplies will be mailed a notice. This teardown looks at some of the components that make this supply function. 8 Volt 25 Amp Supply: 59: 2013-03-29: 110 on sale 60 (3. 74-B Broadcast Microphone : Sold Page 522: Radio Shack HTX-202, HTX-420 Amateur HT Stay in touch from behind the wheel with a CB radio from BestBuy. org: Model: Realistic Solid State Stereo Amplifier SA-10 31-1982A - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Material: Plastics (no bakelite or catalin) Shape: Tablemodel, with With the power switch off, this reading should be very high. 8 Volt 25 Amp Supply; Reviews: 59 MSRP: 110 on sale 60; Description: Compact , lightweight 13. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 22-124a. 89 $ 19 . The power supply is rather simple and straightforward, a 12v SLA battery. WJ-8711-1 & HF-1000 Front Panel Overlay; Yaesu Items Kenwood TS-2000 HF/VHF/UHF + 6 meter later made radio with late model Ameritron ALS-600S 600 watt amp with solid state switching supply. If you read the manual for your radio, the specs. 5 Volts 12 40A MegaWatt Nissei 1228A 30 AMP Switching Power Supply Jun 15, 2020 · Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies are an affordable switching power supply that packs a lot of features including Anderson Powerpole® connectors. Also connects directly to the RBC-9REL for 120 volt relay control, see below. 8 VDC 25 Amps DISCONTINUED: PS-126 13. I bought one from the well known web auction site, seller represented it as perfect working condition. 46 Here are 4 simple 12V power supply circuits with output voltages around 12V. 4) RDC-90 Bulldog 90 Amp Power Supply: 6: 2016-11-21: 379 (5) Reyed RYD-40-12 Switching Power supply: 1: 2009-03-15: 15 (5) RMItaly SPS 1050S 50 amp switching Radio Shack by Product Types To locate your free Radio Shack manual, choose a product type below. 40 shipping Samlex America Sec-1223 23 Amp 13. com The Ham Radio Outlet HRO is a family owned business with 15 sales locations throughout the United States . For the 5 volt supply, the AC adapter supplies about 17 volts AC at J1, pins 1 and 3. I have'nt had a chance to test under load yet. Condition is "Used". Asteron 20 amp power supply Twin meters $75 shipped SK estate shack clearing. It also breaks the PTT line on the selected radio. The cable has been replaced with a new run of LMR-400 with new N-connectors (loss=0. Nov 17, 2020 · Power Supply Question - posted in Technical Discussion: My base GMRS radio inside the house is getting its power from a relatively new DuraComm power supply. To use a sink in each radio would be a very expensive solution, though it would of course work. Many times, a switching power supply (or amp with a switching power supply) will have a ground wire that connects from the heatsink to the circuit board. 1 3. What is the code for an element tv With the radio shack. 00 (4. 5 x 34 x 29 cm HWD: Full integration with K3/K3S Automatic Addeddate 2016-12-01 18:26:31 Collection manuals additional_collections texts Creator Radio Shack Identifier manuals_radioshack Mediatype collection Publicdate Micronta 22-123 Variable DC Power Supply 245 kB PDF 0-24V, 0-1A. This voltage, if not absorbed by the diode, will cause premature failure of switch contacts and may cause the failure of power switching transistors. 8V DC power and can supply up to 3 amps of continuous power. 5 inches 11. Get same day shipping, find new products every month, and feel confident with our low Price guarantee. 4 cm HWD: 4. This circuit adds a crowbar to Radio Shack's 10 amp, 13. Plate input power is 300 watts. I couldn't resist running 100 watts and the power supply quit. one side for the caps and the 2nd side for other circuitry. Radio Shack 22-510 13. I need idendified a anny Bad-Mofet do not work correctly. Page 1 of 19: 1. They are an ultra-compact, lightweight design that supports 9-15VDC variable output and delivers up to 30A peak power to 2-Way Radio communication products Find Alinco DM-30 Digital Power Supplies DM-30TR and get Free Standard Shipping on orders View and download Power supply manuals for free. RF output is 150 watts SSB/PEP, 100 watts CW and 50 watts RTTY. shown are exclusive of feet, handle, and fans) 4. RadioShack. One can apply 12. 5 x 11. This amp features a temperature controlled, two speed fan. HF RF amplifier . 8 volt Power Supply $50 Switching Power Supply 15V 10A $35 NEW Radio Shack HTX-212 Mobile Ham Radio Transceiver NEW Radio Shack HTX-212 Mobile Ham Radio Transceiver Tripp-Lite Model PR-25A 25 amp 13. C6 blocks the DC output of the IC and passes the amplified audio to the speaker. At 13. 8 volt switching power supply: Joe Bennett: Aircraft - Electric - Batteries & Chargers (FS/W) 2: Mar 17, 2008 10:09 PM: Sold: Power Supply - Radio Shack 13. I usually use 2 Ohm 15 Watt resistor for 2. , height of 6. Browse our fine connector and cable assembly products at Molex. 333 (hours), or 6. 8 V DC external power supply. No. 99 250VAC 2P SPST OFF-(ON) Mini Momentary Push Button Switches, 1. 8v 10A switching power supply. SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY 5-15V 0-15A instructions manual. 15 volts at 2 amps, or 6 volts at 3 amps. Many hams consider the radio in their vehicle as their “emergency radio”. Related Posts to Radio Shack 15 312 AB Composite Audio Video Switch. 5A - Red$2. 1mm for LED Light Strip Amplifier DVR NVR Security Cameras System CCTV Accessories 4. 500 in. Some are better than others. For a lot more information on the boards, follow the link to the TCJ hardware page of the GlassWare Yahoo! store . 8 VDC - Previously owned Facmogu DC 12V 3A Power Adapter, 36 Watt AC 100-240V to DC 12Volt Transformers, Switching Power Supply for LCD Monitor, Wireless Router, CCTV Cameras 2. For example (assuming power transformer operated supply): * Small AC adapter - 100 to 500 ohms. 99 The Texas Topper Amplifier pictured here was built into an aluminum Radio Shack Project Case with BNC connectors for input and output and a lighted power switch. 5V to 30V by selecting two resistances. Astron AL-811 . Or if existing anny modification for this power supply-73 de KP4DRB/Daniel Rivas Email:kp4drb@hotmail. 99 Tripp-Lite Model PR-25A 25 amp 13. Remedy: Consumers should unplug the recalled power supply immediately and take it to any RadioShack store for a free repair. Alinco, Incorporated Electronics Division Yodoyabashi Dai-Bldg 13F 4-4-9 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku You need to pull at least an Amp. Mar 28, 2013 · Inside is located another box that contains yet another amplifier and a means of inserting power onto the RG-6 coaxial cable to power the outdoor amplifier. 8 Vdc Switching Dc Ite Power Supply. Most op amp circuits used in audio use a ±15 volt power supply (especially when the audio equipment has a switching power supply). WJ-8711-1 & HF-1000 Front Panel Overlay; Yaesu Items 05-13-2017 05:15 AM. The Microset PTS-150 55 Amp Switch Mode Fix Voltage Power Supply is a very reliable, strong and compact A. R1 1. 22microF disk (#272-1070). The SA-10 is widely available on Ebay for around $10 - $25 (sometimes people want like $50 for this amp, too high in my opinion unless you want one for nostalgia reasons). 5mm Jack Regulated output Positive centre polarity Short circuit and overcurrent protection CE marked and approved Known Compatibility: Radioshack 15-316 + many more appliances Plug Subsequent inspection of the jumper showed extensive corrosion in the cable from water intrusion (this must have occured prior to being installed in the radio shack). 9 kg: Power supply type: Linear: Switching In external cabinet, same size as RF Deck: Very compact design (dim. This is the manuals page for Radio Shack. 36 Amp 13. Dec 13, 2008 · This amp is no longer offered by Radio Shack (I bought mine around 1979 for $29. 89 My 10 amp radio shack power supply is putting out 24 volts! Discussion in ' General CB Services Discussion ' started by red97k1500 , Nov 2, 2019 . Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Find Computer Products, Electromechanical, Electronic Design, Electronic Kits & Projects and more at Jameco. Built to the same “Special Tube Request” specs of leading amplifier manufacturers of the 1960s, the 6L6GC STR is a rugged and reliable power tube for use in the most demanding guitar amplifier circuits. lost my code book for my 6 in one universal remote . 6 volts across pins 4 and 5, or 6. Miscellaneous Electronics Projects . They Aug 25, 2015 · Im loking for a Wire and Component Drawing Diagram for a Radio Shack,s 25Amp. 5 amp power supply from Radio Shack that I bought many years ago. PK Power AC/DC Adapter Replacement for Radio Shack 63-3010 633010 Security Wand Body Scanner Metal Detector Archer Cat. This item is currently in stock. 2 amps and an adapter with a positive center tip. I'm not following this paragraph. zip: 919 Kbytes: AMP Supply LA-1000NT Manual. This high efficiency UL-60950-1 approved AC-DC power converter provides a highly regulated output DC voltage of 13. Aquarium Timer Schematic, pictures and information for my 15 minute aquarium filter and air pump shutoff timer for fish feeding. Both units have screw holes so they can be mounted to a wall if desired. A: Yes. The Radio Shack design provides no protection should the pass transistor, a 2N3772, short out, a fairly common occurrence. Despite being a portable radio, it achieves the maximum output power of 10 W with a 13. FOR SALE - San Diego, CA - ICOM IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver ASTRON SS-30 Switching power supply ALS-600 FET Amplifier ALS-600PS Power supply LDG AT-600 P Amateur Radio Equipment (Encinitas) $2,550 - JLA FORUMS Constant lighting style “block detector” 100 PIV, 2 amp bridge Digi-Key BR81D-ND $. www. 1mm X 5. The TIP31 sold by Radio Shack is quite suitable here, and will be used as the example. PFC (Power Factor Correction). When considering a power supply, always select the next size larger than your device will draw. Photo A: The new Samlex SEC-1235M Compact 30-amp Switching Power Supply First of all, why a Switcher? A lot of folks tend to stick with Panel meters went crazy, the power supply volt meter jumped up and down, and if he was unlucky, he may have got his first microphone bite to shock him by surprise if the base microphone case was metallic. It has its own internal ATU option (KXAT100) with dual antenna jacks that fits inside the same cabinet. The advantage to rolling your own power supply is that it teaches us how they work and makes it easier to troubleshoot and repair other power supply units in the shack. Switching Power Supply Adapter Failure 12v External Hard Drive; Radio Shack Weather Radio 12-522 Review, Emergency, All Hazards Get a clean signal with no RF hash with a switching power supply in your choice of lightweight, compact sizes. Thank you for looking and good luck with the auction. 8 volt 25 amp switching: LcJ This circuit adds a crowbar to Radio Shack's 10 amp, 13. 2 3 Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Unfortunately, we still have the major problems that (a) it won’t light the lamp with a very low current can motor engine, (b) it won’t light when running power is not attached to the block, and (c) when it does work, it will only light the one bulb (and cannot Available in a two-pack from Radio Shack. 95 where can I find the manual for #63-144 atomic clo. In this case a 15 amp supply should serve you well and leave you room to change equipment around at a later date. Switches, timers, receivers, transmitters, games, radios…the possibilities are endless. 22-510. I checked the output on my supply, and found under no load the power is pretty clean. ) R2,R3 0. 1 kg Total: 37. US Seller. For my mobile radio, I notice the in-car voltage is 13. Powerwerx 30 Amp Desktop Switching Power Supply w/Powerpole® This small but powerful power supply is designed to supply 25A continuous and 30A surge (for up to 5 minutes) at 14. This relay unit handles 200 watts of RF (CW and SSB), has four SO-239 (UHF female) RF connectors. The Universal Power Supply output voltage can be set to anywhere in the range 1. 5A). 14VDC 35 amp . i used 2 5xx ohm resistors, which netter 2. Radio Shack 22-504 Regulated Power Supply 3 AMP 13. Refurbished Samlex SEC-1235M 30 Amp Switching Power Supply w/ Meters S/N: 0343520080071. And like all FlexRadio products, service and support for the PGXL is located in the U. Dec 18, 2012 · Enercell™ 9V/300mA AC Adapter, or suitable 300mA power supply with 6V to 12V DC output and type N center-positive plug from RadioShack. Includes lightweight, highly regulated switching power supply ALS-600SPS. Receivers. A. 6. 8 V DC), 5 W (BP-272) Supports QRP/QRPp Operations. The general rule of thumb is to double that number, in this case 14 amps, and then look for a supply in that range. Older types with a transformer will produce 11 volts at 40 milliamps, which is more current than your 12 LEDs need. The power supply was barely keeping up. Specially designed switching & filter circuit makes this power supply hash free. 2 volts to 12 volts, you will need a DC supply of 15 volts or more ( up to 40 volts max ), Traditionally we would use a mains transformer to convert the mains voltage ( 240vac or 110vac ) down to something usable like 12 or 24 volts AC. The external power supply for the ALS-1306 is a voltage-regulated current-limited switching supply. /12V. Aug 18, 2014 · Typically, switching power supplies sound like a "buzz" every 30-60 kHz - the power supply's switching frequency - up and down the bands, usually worse on lower bands, but not always. The Kenwood TS-900 transceiver operates on the 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur bands plus WWV 15 MHz receive. It boasts of a constant supply of DC voltage and a model that does not need any other external power source at 50 amps current. Accessories include an Ameritron ICP-240 In Rush Current Protector for the amplifier, MFJ-784 DSP filter, MFJ-1279 Deluxe Sound Card Radio Interface for RTTY and PSK-31, MFJ-434 Voice Keyer, Ameritron ARB-704, an MFJ-1262 Mic Switch, an MFJ-281 Clear Tone external speaker, Bencher BY-1 paddles, and an Astron RS-35M power supply. 5 Amps = 500 mA That's barley enough to get the switching regulator operating properly. By using a potentiometer, R2, as one of the resistors you can dial up the output voltage wanted. -D. Radio Shack Power Supply. 5 amps in intermittent service. HF antenna tuner . All components should be available at Radio Shack with the exception of the 1558 op-amp. Feb 08, 2010 · The link that I provided states that it is an original Radio Shack unit for the Radion Shack 11-1172 distribution amplifier and is available for $5. The “M” indicates that the power supply includes voltage and current meters, which I also wanted on my main station power supply. 8V Power Supply karen8859: Aircraft - Electric - Batteries & Chargers (FS/W) 1: Feb 08, 2010 03:12 PM: Sold: Radio Shack 25 amp 13. The power supply is an interesting challenge, as it must be worthy of (and as clever and as elegant as) the Aikido amplifier. 8 volt power supply (#22-506). and a depth of 13. It achieves a phenomenal port isolation of 82 dB on 40 meters and 69 dB on 10 meters. Experimental 1300 Volt - 1 KW HV Switch Mode Power Supply ( 03/20/04 - Update to previous article ) In Memory of the Parts that Died during the Power Supply Project ( 09/13/04 ) Here's a good use for those old computer power supplies - build a low voltage, high current power supply for the shack! Product Title Apple 12W USB Power Adapter Wall Charger A1401 for i Average rating: 4. Though I’m judging this only from the image, the plug looks to be a common size. 00 $15 Experimental 1300 Volt - 1 KW HV Switch Mode Power Supply ( 03/20/04 - Update to previous article ) In Memory of the Parts that Died during the Power Supply Project ( 09/13/04 ) Here's a good use for those old computer power supplies - build a low voltage, high current power supply for the shack! Genuine OEM HP Notebook 15-BW053OD 1VK25UA AC Power Adapter Laptop Charger 45W Radio Shack 11-in-1 Pop Up Ratcheting Screwdrive r Philips Slotted Torx Bits NEW This is a basic universal variable Power Supply voltage regulator circuit using an LM317, 3-terminal regulator in a TO-220package. 67 amp hours Allied Electronics & Automation is a leading distributor of industrial automation and control products, electronic components, and electromechanical components with over 3 million parts online. 11 volts will likely destroy your LEDs, so you need to add a 1000 ohm resistor to each of 100 ohms resistors. 5 x 13. The 5 ohm, 20 watt resistor R1 is made of two 10 ohm, 10 watt resistors in parallel. At 10 volts, the supply is rated at 15 amps continuous and at 5 volts the rating is reduced to 7 amps. co GZV4000 Switching Mode DC Power Supply. Powerwerx 30 Amp Desktop Switching Power Supply with Powerpoles. I use a Radio Shack 22-510 25A power supply to power a Yaesu FT 1500m at home. The "Version 1 in Figure 3 is based on a high-power, fast op amp - the LM7171 - and this device is capable of easily driving several low-impedance loads such as the loops that were placed Introduction Our high-performance KXPA100 home/mobile amplifier seamlessly integrates with the KX3 and KX2. Power out: 2. 5 out of 5 stars 293 £13. It seems to be on 25 and 50 watts, I haven't noticed it doing it on lower power. May 24, 2015 · Power consumption transmit at 100 watts output is 22 amps A minimum 13. View & download of more than 2645 Radio Shack PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. A 20 amp power supply should power a 50 watt radio with no problem. Manufactured in: China. Additionally, it can be operated with other popular 5- to 10-W transceivers. 00 $33. 661 Kbytes: AMP Supply LK-800 Manual. You can operate the KX2 from an external power source. For a little more voltage headroom so Q4 doesn't clip so readily, 4 ohms would Mar 15, 2020 · This power supply is of a regulated slash linear design. Power supply ripple is less than 80mVp-p, and protection is provided for short-circuit, over temperature, and current limiting. Like the Pyramids and all such linear power supplies, this one is heavy with the large transformer inside. AC 100-240V to DC 12V 5A Regulated Power Adapter, UK Plug Cord Switching Power Supply 5. Has a very handy 10 amp cigar plug type outlet socket, large clear analogue meter showing Volts/Amps (selectable via front panel rocker switch), and a useful noise offset rotary control too ! PSW-30H Schematic Service - Radio, Hi-Fi Amps, Tuners, Receivers, etc. But the basic circuit operates the same. 8K Messages 124. Vintage Radio Shack Micronta Regulated 12 Volt Power Supply Cat. Figure 13 will also be used in this circuit. Current flowing on the shield to the radio causes a longitudinal voltage drop along the mic cable, and that voltage will modulate the transmitter. The 3 amp output is obtained using the center tap of the transformer with the switch in the 18 volt position. Sep 11, 2016 · Switching power supply. Scanned by Skipp May, cleaned up by Bob WA1MIK Micronta 22-185A LCD Digital Multimeter 1. Power to the radio is switched on first and then followed by a short being applied to to the rear RCA connector to boot up the radio. This morning I noticed that when transmitting it occasionally shuts off. With the switch on, it may be quite low if the unit uses a large power transformer (a few ohms or less). 1 VDC. If you have both an internal battery and an external source connected, the KX2 will be powered by whichever has the higher voltage. 5mm US Plug 4. 3 volts can be applied to Radio Shack; Realistic . For the this headphone amplifier we will be using a 12 volt sealed lead acid (SLA) battery as the power supply (hence v12). Heavier 16 gauge wire was used for power delivery as recommended in the downloadable online assembly instructions. New switch mode power supply in the Nevada range, this PSW-30H is rated at 30 amps max, and will run most of your shack equipment with ease. View the manual for JTPS28 This is the perfect power supply to handle any 100 watt or less radio with room to spare! It is quiet both in the shack and on the air. Radio Shack Travel 20-125 Portable Shortwave: Sold Page 481: Radio West BCB Active Loop: Sold Page 19: Radiosophy H101 AM-FM HD Radio: Sold Page 438: Ranger RCI-2950, RCI-5054 Transceivers: Sold Page 402: Ray Jefferson 680/ADF DF Receiver: Sold Page 254: R. 0 Solutions. Used Rosewill Gaming 80 Plus Gold 1200w Power Supply - 135mm Fan & Auto Fan. com. net Ham Radio and Amateur Radio online equipment sales. 8 Volt Power Supply - Sometimes amateurs like to home-brew their power supplies instead of purchasing one off the shelf at any of the major ham radio retail dealers. 3v). 3 kg) and with a width of 7. 2 lbs/16. radio shack switching power supply 15 amp

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